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How to prospect?
I think my approach was somewhat unusual: using the informal “Tu” with people I didn’t really know caught their attention. And once I was through the first stage, the brand and the product did all the work, really.

Do clients come back?
We have a very good client retention rate with 85% retention, and lots of people finding out about us and wanting to try. So, we always have a panel of newcomers, but we have clients who have been with Super Miro since 2015.

What kind of numbers interest them?
Clients who are in advertising or planning are obviously interested in the number of views, the click rate and the number of clicks, which we always provide at the end of a campaign. And also, the target, whether it’s more female or more male, if the campaign got more clicks from the 20-30 or 30-45 range… Basically the same stats you get for a website, clients are keen on having them for their campaigns too. Obviously the SOV, Share of Voice, to see their percentage of views if we had 2 or 3 advertisers working with us at the same time.

Actions to attract more clients?
The first two years, it was all storytelling, all content marketing and press. The third year we obviously had more budget and we thought: “With our tone of voice, and our spirit it would be good to start doing some marketing” because we really had some great ideas. So, we did a couple big marketing operations.

What was the feedback?
It’s not easy to measure, especially when they are operations with notoriety, but you do realize that yes, it grows that notoriety. So, there are concrete things happening behind the scenes.