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Articles from our experts and video testimonials of entrepreneurs

Marie Caroline Dumas

I launched my own digital marketing agency

Once upon a time in a land far, far away... Oh no,…

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Pol Miller

Food trucks in Luxembourg: suppliers, financing and local

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Pol Miller, co-founder of Lëtzburger since…

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Daniel Milano

Step by step: the subtleties of VAT in Luxembourg

Our article "Close-up on VAT and registration" gave you a solid basis…

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Lucile Barberet


In this video, Lucile Barberet, CEO of nyuko, presents the objectives and…

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Aurore Jurga

I opened my own psychology cabinet

Once upon a time in a far away land... Ah not at…

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Delphine Anzevui

Do you have the aptitudes to thrive as an entrepreneur?

The truth is that anyone can become an entrepreneur. But is everyone…

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Céline Camara

Dropping everything to make you passion your job

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Céline Camara, Professional actor and improvisation…

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Delphine Anzevui

Is personal development a must for running a business?

More and more people are seeking change in their lives and have…

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Jorge De Oliveira

Second career: Entrepreneur (part 2)

In this Meet an Entrepreneur video, Jorge De Oliveira shares with us…

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Pelagia Baxevani

5 pillars to create a strong and engaged community

Creating and developing a community around you is an important step to…

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Laure Omont

“SIS” accreditation: getting started

In this video, Laure Talavet-Omont talks about SIS accreditation: How to apply…

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