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Testing the viability of your business project is an indispensable step
in the construction of your future company. Will your project be profitable?
When to develop it? How can you ensure that customers will be satisfied?

Think big and consider the full potential of your idea! Entrepreneurs from
Luxembourg who have gone through the same stages take the floor to
share their experiences in all sincerity, make full use of it!

Marc Plata

Becoming a self-seller

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Marc Plata, founder of the Respire…

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Ahoua Eve Bakayoko

Following an entrepreneurship coaching programme

In this video Meet an entrepreneur, Ahoua Eve Bakayoko, the founder of…

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Lucile Barberet

Social media to test and sell

Social media is an essential channel for your business! I will never…

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Thibaut Ciccone

A simple and effective method for building your sales pitch

Good salesmanship is a must when you are an entrepreneur. Without a…

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Laurent Maillard

Agile Working

In this video, Laurent Maillard explains how to work in an agile…

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Barbara Stroup

Being profitable while renting a space

In this video, Barbara Stroup talks about: the most profitable activities breaking-even…

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Hinde Boulbayem

Validating the technical feasibility of your business idea

If your business project has a strong technical aspect, you need to…

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Antoine Hron

Innovating in a traditional sector

In this video, Antoine Hron talks about: spotting an opportunity innovation methods…

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Rebecca Maroko

Starting a business as a pioneer in your sector

Be the first to start a business in your sector can lead…

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Gianmarco Liacy

Managing clients

In this video on how to manage clients, Gianmarco walks us through:…

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Amandine Guerrier

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Open a daycare facility

Is opening a daycare facility in Luxembourg mission impossible? 5 key questions…

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Lucile Barberet

3-steps to boosting your LinkedIn network

As an entrepreneur, your network is important. Some might say crucial. The…

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