test your solution

The step to model and validate your project.


The importance of a team

In this video about the importance of having a team, Zev Siegl…

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Inheriting a family business

In this video, Carole Müller tells us about: the importance of a…

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The entrepreneurial mindset

In this video about entrepreneurial Mindset, Zev Siegl shares his views on…

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Pit & Catherine

Create a product

In this video on the different stages of developing a product, Pit…

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What you need to know about market studies

A market study is a crucial step in creating a business. Once…

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How can the Business Model Canvas help you test your idea?

The goal of this article is to help you begin the process…

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Making your business idea happen

In this video on how to make your business idea happen, Lova…

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Launching a product in publishing

In this video about the launch of a product in publishing, Mike…

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