Launch your business

The step to materialise your project by launching a long-lasting business


4 verbs for starting a business in the industrial sector

In this video, Antoine Hron explains us how : getting started getting…

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The basics of raising funds

In this video about raising funds, Laurent Kratz shares his views on…

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Business finance

In this video about business finance, Zev Siegl shares his views on…

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Launching a new concept

In this video, Vincent Lyonnet advises us on: How to proceed,  Clearly…

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Winning over the general public

In this video about tips for winning over the general public, Elfy…

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Pit & Catherine

Launching a product

To launch a product, Pit Beck and Catherine Hoffman worked on various…

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Launching your company : Emotional journey

In this video about launching a company, Zev Siegl shares his views…

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How can you convince your bank to grant you a loan?

These days, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to run aground because…

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IT Businesses

In this video about IT businesses, Xavier Buck shares his views on…

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Launching your company : Client perception

In this video about the launch of a comapny, Zev Siegl shares…

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It’s official, I’m going freelance!

At last you’re ready to make your dream a reality: standing on…

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In this video about scheduling as an entrepreneur, Mike Koedinger walks us…

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