Launch your business

The step to materialise your project by launching a long-lasting business



In this video about scheduling as an entrepreneur, Mike Koedinger walks us…

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Work as restaurant manager

In this video illustrating the work as a restaurant manager, Fabiana Bartolozzi…

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Tools to make your life easier as an entrepreneur

Whether you’re just getting started or already have an established business, whether…

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The age for entrepreneurship

In this video around the subject of the age for entrepreneurship, Michèle…

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It’s official, I’m starting a business!

You’re ready, you’ve modeled and validated your business idea and want to…

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Launching your project with minimal funds: the art of bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is not just another coinage from the entrepreneurial world… behind the…

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How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

How many times did someone tell you to revamp your LinkedIn profile…

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The daily life of an entrepreneur

In this video about the daily life of an entrepreneur, Elfy gives…

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