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Your project is almost finalised, now you should concentrate on preparing
your launch onto the market and on communicating about your solution.
How do you approach and convince your first customers? Which channels
should you communicate on? What are the final steps to take? What strategy
will you adopt? It is time to take care of the final adjustments before taking
the big leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Browse our content and take advantage of testimonials from seasoned
entrepreneurs who have had to find answers to these same questions.
Use their experiences to boost your launch!


Financial education for entrepreneurs

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Build a niche e-commerce

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Streamlining time management for improved organization

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Building a successful e-commerce

feedback from Carlos Quintas, co-founder of LToys How did you get into…

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How can you overcome procrastinating and optimise productivity?

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I launched my IT recruitement agency

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The essential information when starting your side business

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Your mission should you choose to accept it: opening a beauty salon

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Escaping loneliness as a solo entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship in pairs and with support

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