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How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

How many times did someone tell you to revamp your LinkedIn profile…

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The daily life of an entrepreneur

In this video about the daily life of an entrepreneur, Elfy gives…

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Recruiting talents

In this video about recruiting talents, Mike Koedinger shares his own experience:…

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Michèle Detaille

Avoiding traps in business takeovers

In this video about traps in business takeovers, Michèle Detaille shares her…

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Filling your restaurant

In this video about the best practices to fill your restaurant, Fabiana…

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Surrounding yourself with the right people to grow better

In this video about the best ways to grow your company, Elfy…

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Marketing and client acquisition

In this video about marketing and client acquisition, Laurent shares his views…

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Winning over clients

In this video about how to attract and convince clients, Elfy Pins…

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