Your project is almost finalised, now you should concentrate on preparing
your launch onto the market and on communicating about your solution.
How do you approach and convince your first customers? Which channels
should you communicate on? What are the final steps to take? What strategy
will you adopt? It is time to take care of the final adjustments before taking
the big leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Browse our content and take advantage of testimonials from seasoned
entrepreneurs who have had to find answers to these same questions.
Use their experiences to boost your launch!

Maryline Roux

Starting up a neighbourhood shop

In this Meet an Entrepreneur video, Mayline Roux, co-founder of “Au pain…

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Pol Miller

Food truck in Luxembourg: where can I park?

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Pol Miller, co-founder of Lëtzeburger, shares…

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Daniel Milano

Step by step: Close-up on VAT and registration

As a future entrepreneur, understanding value-added tax (VAT) and the steps involved…

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What can I ask of my accountant as an entrepreneur?

"Can my accountant help me with launch procedures for my business? Can…

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Ahmad Dablat

Starting a company by yourself and getting by

In this video, Ahmad Dablat shares with us how he started his…

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Amandine Guerrier

6 tips for preparing for a SALES meeting

Preparing your sales meetings is of prime importance. It directly impacts both…

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Alexandra Kahn

Company takeovers: Firsts

Taking over a company is not easier or more difficult than creating…

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Adis Sabanovic

Step by step: Launching your business as an SARL-S

A simplified limited liability company, also known as an SARL-S or even…

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Rebecca Maroko

The day-to-day of a cooperative

The operational management of a cooperative is different than other forms of…

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Delphine Anzevui

Communication: what type of website for my business?

Have you come to the point of creating your company website and…

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Hinde Boulbayem

Targeting the right customers for your company

Hinde Boulbayem, founder and CEO of Sumy, shares her best practices and…

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