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Your project is almost finalised, now you should concentrate on preparing
your launch onto the market and on communicating about your solution.
How do you approach and convince your first customers? Which channels
should you communicate on? What are the final steps to take? What strategy
will you adopt? It is time to take care of the final adjustments before taking
the big leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Browse our content and take advantage of testimonials from seasoned
entrepreneurs who have had to find answers to these same questions.
Use their experiences to boost your launch!

Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches

A few tools for effective prospecting

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches, Non-Executive Director and Senior…

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Delphine Anzevui

My 5 biggest mistakes as a freelancer

In this article, I have decided to share with you things I…

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Amandine Guerrier

Preventing burnout among entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you have countless tasks to manage in order to…

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Ahoua Eve Bakayoko

Launching a cosmetic brand in Luxembourg

In this video Meet an entrepreneur, founder of MissBak since 2019, shares…

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5 truths that bring entrepreneurs together

Are there any entrepreneurs in your entourage? Yes? Have you noticed that…

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Delphine Anzevui

The 19 acquisition channels to help your growth

Ah... prospecting! Can we talk about it? When you launch your business,…

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Aurélien Dobbels & Nicolas Legay

Navigating the real estate market

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Aurélien Dobbels and Nicolas Legay, co-founders…

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Lucile Barberet

Define the best positioning of your company in 8 points

The positioning of your company, meaning "the image that your company sends…

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Marie-Christine Mariani

Growing an industrial company

In this Meet an Entrepreneur video, Marie-Christine Mariani, founder and manager of…

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Lucile Barberet

3 fears that are preventing you from launching your business and how to overcome them

Whether you're just starting to think about entrepreneurship, already working on your…

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Barbara Agostino

Tips on how to open a nursery in Luxembourg

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Barbara Agostino, founder of Crèches Barbara…

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Taking over a company with the help of your banker

An entrepreneur is a creator; he or she takes a risk by…

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