Before you start your business, you need to make sure that your idea
is relevant and has the potential to penetrate the marketplace.
Verifying that is not so easy...

With Meet an entrepreneur, you can benefit from proven advice given
by experienced entrepreneurs to help you challenge your idea. Discover
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Pelagia Baxevani

Creating your ideal company with Ikigai

Purpose, or a “reason for being”, is increasingly present in entrepreneurial endeavours…

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Manon Cravatte

How to maintain a balance as an entrepreneur

Juggling between private and professional life is a challenge faced by a…

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Amandine Guerrier

The steps to starting a business

Do you want to start your own business but don’t know where…

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Alfonso Garcia Frey

The ideation phase

In this video, Alfonso Garcia Frey explains us the ideation phase :…

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Pelagia Baxevani

7 Trends to Follow in Social Entrepreneurship

In past years, global societal changes ranging from the digital revolution to…

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Elfy Pins

Launching an innovative concept

In this video about the ways to make your launch a success,…

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Pelagia Baxevani

Entrepreneurial glossary – Social and Solidarity Economy

Your mind is made up, you’re starting a business! To do so,…

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Kevin Muller

The entrepreneurship marathon

In this video, Kevin Muller talks about how to be able to…

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Vincent Lyonnet

Turning an opportunity into a business

In this video, Vincent Lyonnet explains: How to identify the opportunity, Transform…

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Barbara Stroup

Offering a child-oriented service

In this video, Barbara Stroup talks about the following topics: Working with…

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Manon Cravatte

Entrepreneurship in its feminine form

Before we begin, this article does not intend to deliberately separate female…

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Stéphanie Jauquet

Horeca: expectations & reality

In this video, Stéphanie Jauquet brings her vision on: Restaurant owner, a…

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