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People identify me with something that is important to them: breathing, which has done them good in the long run.

Marc Plata, Founder of CENTRE RESPIRE since 2020

Putting yourself forward

I think being comfortable with your image is the first thing. Already, wearing floral shirts is not given to everyone. And my 1.99 m also helps me gain confidence. It hasn’t always been so. But it is a strength, so you need to use it.

Where to draw the line?

It depends on my inspiration and the limits I set for myself, that I set in my communication, that I also set based on my gut feeling. Sometimes, I might be posting on a network, it’s finished and I think: “Actually, no. The timing isn’t right, it’s not appropriate.” So I delete it.

How to get organized?

Organization comes intuitively. That is, nothing is set in stone. It’s not two or three posts per week on such and such a network, etc., but there is an organization depending on the network. I don’t communicate in the same way on the different networks, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, a little bit Instagram. Why? Because it takes a lot of time. It’s a job in itself, and it’s something I’ll be working on in 2022 and with a collaboration.

Associating your image with your company

It is a real satisfaction for me. It means people attach me to this project I’ve developed. And at the same time, it’s an honor since people identify me with something that is important to them: breathing, which has done them good in the long run.

What feedback from customers?

I have patients who have come via the networks because they followed me on the networks and contacted me about the posts I put online, maybe about stress, sleep or breathing. And as the posts went up, people felt they were speaking to them, and contacted me saying: “Is there something we could do despite the distance?” Because people are not necessarily always in Luxembourg. So I’ve had people contact me from hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

Never a bad experience?

So far, I have always had positive feedback. Maybe people hide the negative feedback. But no, I’ve only had positive and constructive feedback.

Dealing with the impostor syndrome?

I am a perfect example of it. I’m not a victim, but I’m experiencing it. Why? Because we always question ourselves. I am someone who has a lot of doubts, but in a good way, meaning I want to do things right. And at the same time, in fact, this impostor syndrome is present when I compare myself to someone. I think: “Yeah, but I do this, I am in such and such a field, but there may be another person who is more competent than I am in another field and who can do the same thing.” But that’s the impostor syndrome. It’s when you compare yourself to someone. If you come back to yourself, there is no impostor syndrome because you give the best of yourself. You need to take the time to look back and say: “This is where I am today, but what have I done in my life that has allowed me to get here? What have I learned in my life? What are my successes?” And dwell on that, so you can say: “Well yeah, I went to school, I succeeded, I’ve helped people achieve certain things.” For example, for me as a swimming coach, I helped athletes… even if it’s not on an athletic level, but on a personal level, we’ve taught them things.

So, you have successes in your life in learning and on a personal level, and you have to focus on that. You need to think back and remember, and that’s how you continue to move forward with strength and self-confidence.

Does it help to be accompanied?

Yes, because you feel supported. You feel supported like someone at the gym who has a coach. They feel accompanied, supported, even if they’re the one doing it. In entrepreneurship, it’s the same thing. You are accompanied, supported and you know that if ever you have questions, or you’re in a bit of a difficult time, you can turn to people who are caring and who will be there, not to judge you, but really to exchange with you and make sure you can get out of the fog you can be in sometimes, and be able to have a much better vision to know what to do, and keep moving forward.

If we want to do the same?

Always have a smile. Always smile. Because a smile is the self-confidence we have within us. And that’s really what it is. It is about spreading the joy of living. Because if you don’t have it when you go to sell your product, when you go to see who you are…

I remember one time, I said to someone: “But you’re not your company.” I stay focused on that. We are not our company, but we still put a lot of ourselves into it. So you have to be able to separate the two, that is, you are not your company, you are yourself. But we invest a lot of our energy. So yes, we can – we can and we must! – always make a good impression, even if sometimes things aren’t good, even if sometimes you’re really doubting and thinking: “Maybe I want to quit.” No, always stay confident, always keep that smile. Go toward others to be able to see that who you are and what you do interests people, and that will reinforce your self-confidence and help you say: “Actually, I’m keeping on going.”