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In 2022, we assisted over 350 entrepreneurs in the development or the transmission of their activity.


The development and transmission service

Emilie Pirlot, Entrepreneurship Project Coordinator at the House of Entrepreneurship


What is the purpose of the development and transmission service?

The House of Entrepreneurship Development and Transmission Service was created several years ago in response to a tangible demand coming from entrepreneurs who wished to be supported in the different stages of their company’s life.

If you’re wondering why you should resort to our services, you may also wonder why you should look for support in the first place. There are multiple possible reasons for this. It can help you overcome periods of doubt or loneliness and share your questions with experts or with fellow entrepreneurs. It can also help you structure your project and prioritize your actions. Lastly, it can be a way for you to get advice on areas you’re not familiar with, like legal or financial issues.

In short, I would say that, as summarized by one of the entrepreneurs we worked with a few months ago,our service will help you transition from a “head down” approach to an aerial view of your situation.


What do you do?

We accompany entrepreneurs, free of charge, regardless of the size of the company,  its sector of activity or its stage of development. This means we help junior companies, growing companies, as well as companies that are struggling financially, or companies that wish to prepare the transmission of their activities.

We help entrepreneurs along two main strategic axis: The first one is information and awareness-raising , via our workshops, and the second one is personalized accompaniment. To achieve this, we have built a network of over a hundred volunteer partners: lawyers, psychologists, coaches,  strategic consultants…

All of them are here to help you meet your daily challenges.


And in concrete terms?


Firstly, you can participate without charge to all of our workshops on entrepreneurship-related topics, such as: how to retain your clients, how to take over the financial management of your company or how to best prepare for the transfer of your business. All our workshops are available in the “Agenda” tab of the House of Entrepreneurship website.

If you wish to go further, you can also make an appointment with one of our consultants in order to do a full review of your situation. This first meeting will help us determine together what are your ambitions, your goals and how to get there. Then, we will map out an action plan together, we will help you carry it out, and, if needed, we will connect you with our network of experts.

To give you a few examples, we have helped several companies adapt their business model to new market trends after the Covid crisis.

We can also help you develop your business by finding new customers or by retaining existing ones.

We also regularly accompany companies that are in serious financial difficulty, either to help them turn the situation around, or, in some cases, to help them along the bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings.

We have also helped several companies in the transfer of their activities by offering them legal support for the negotiation of their contracts and by offering them personalized matching with buyers interested in their business, via our platform

In 2022, we assisted over 350 entrepreneurs in the development or the transmission of their activity.


In a nutshell

In short, the development and transmission department of the House of Entrepreneurship is here to help you at every stage of your company’s life by offering you free and customized support.


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