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Amandine Guerrier

How to set your prices

If you have tested and validated your business idea, the time has…

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Lucile Barberet

The 5 main types of online business models

It was already unrealistic before. Now it's outright unthinkable not to plan…

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Manon Cravatte

It’s official, I’m going freelance!

At last you're ready to make your dream a reality: standing on…

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Fabiana Bartolozzi

Filling your restaurant

In this video about the best practices to fill your restaurant, Fabiana…

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Lova Ruth Cohen-Sizyandji

Structuring costs

In this video about structuring costs, Lova Ruth Cohen-Sizyandji shares her views…

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Fabiana Bartolozzi

Setting the menu for your restaurant

In this video about setting the menu for your restaurant, Fabiana Bartolozzi…

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Mike Koedinger

Funding a launch

Funding a launch… a recurring theme among entrepreneurs! In this video Mike…

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