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La Mutualité is here for you, to help make your access to funding easier.


La Mutualité de Cautionnement (The Suretyship Mutual Fund)

Christophe Stein, CEO, Mutualité de Cautionnement


What is it?

La Mutualité de Cautionnement was created in 1969 by the Chamber of Commerce, the Trade Confederation of Luxembourg and the HORESCA. Its main purpose is to facilitate bank financing through the issuance of bank guarantees. We can also offer you advice regarding the financial support your company might be entitled to in Luxembourg. Additionally, we have a service called « Funding consultancy ». This is where we review your project and guide you through the guarantees that are usually required from banks, the capital you need to have in your possession in order to carry out a project or ask for a loan. Small and medium-sized enterprises are our main target. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a startup or a company that is already implanted and active in the field.


What do you do?

What we do, practically speaking, is that we issue bank guarantees. For instance, if you’re buying an apartment for the first time, your parents may come along with you to give the bank a guarantee. What we do is basically the same thing, but for entrepreneurs. We cover up to 40 % of the amount borrowed, with a limit of 500,000 €. La Mutualité de Cautionnement welcomes all entrepreneurs. They can step by here, at the House of Entrepreneurship, or get in touch through e-mail or by phone. We will then guide the entrepreneur regarding the steps to take. After that, it’s up to the entrepreneur to go to the bank and ask for funding. The bank will examine the project and define the conditions to make the project happen. That is: the amount, the duration of the loan and the other guarantees requested by the bank. During this process, the entrepreneur can name the Mutualité as a guarantor and, once you have preliminary agreement from the bank, you can go back to the Mutualité de Cautionnement. At that point, we’ll also carry out an examination process to issue a guarantee. Then, the entrepreneur has to pay a risk premium, which equals 0,5% of the amount of the issued guarantee, multiplied by the amount of years.


In a nutshell?

The Mutual Fund is here for you and will help you access funding more easily. We can also accompany you on fund-raising projects, subventions, or on your own business project. But our core business is issuing bank guarantees.


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