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Is there a right age to start a business?
No, I don’t think so. What counts is having energy, which often implies being in good health.

What about young graduates?
I recommend spending some time… it depends if you already have an idea, already know what you want to do… maybe 3 to 5 years with a big group is enough. If you don’t have an idea, why not 5 to 10. It all depends.

What about seniors?
When you’re a senior, but what is a senior? Can someone start a business at 60? Without a doubt. Because you build qualities throughout your life and the impetus you may lose is compensated by experience. So, I don’t feel there is a right age. You just need to say: “If I’m starting a company, it’s to make money, period.”

Entrepreneurship allows you…
To be free and independent, and to really try out what is it you want to try. You can launch a new product, you can invent things, get them on the market. You’re free to set your schedule, in how you see things, and regarding your products and services.