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“Organic” certification in the restaurant industry

Is the label important?
I find it important to have the label certifying that we use organic products because there are people who wonder… “Do you really buy organic products?” “Do you only use organic products?” So I wanted it to be clear to my customers.

Do clients ask?
It can happen, not often… so I can tell them that yes, I undergo inspections by a certified institute from Luxembourg.

How is it obtained?
They audit the invoices, the delivery slips, they even check to see if what we purchased on the invoices was used in our cooking… They inspect us twice per year, you have to show them all the papers they want to see. Then they certify that everything is in order, that we do use organic food products.

Is it a lot of work?
Yes, it takes a lot of preparing because everything needs to be ready, we need to be able to show them everything we used, as well as the fridges, our stocks, all that. They check everything.