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For many, digitalization means increased visibility, and therefore requires the creation of a website.

The SME Digitalization service

Marion Pailler, Entrepreneurship Project Coordinator at House of Entrepreneurship

Why the SME Digitalization service?

The Digitalization service of the House of Entrepreneurship has been developed in order to support and assist all Luxembourg companies, especially SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises,

and to help them towards a digital transition tailored to their needs, to their activity and to their size.

The primary goal of this service is to demystify digitalization and to show how important this topic is,

in order to gain both competitiveness and market shares. It is especially important to realize

that digitalization is accessible to all companies.

What is it?

I would describe it in three words: Discovery, awareness and support. So, for the first part, the discovery phase, we systematically offer a first meeting to company leaders in order to better understand their needs and to be able to guide them. Additionally, we recommend these leaders  to take the digital maturity test which is available on in order for us to map out the meeting.

The second component is gaining awareness. For this part, we offer a lot of free workshops on different themes, either in French, in English, and sometimes in German. This program is built around the digital news and the needs of companies. We organize these workshops in person and also online.

We also organize events revolving around various aspects of digitalization in order to raise awareness among leaders.

There is a third aspect to our work, which is implementation. That part entails helping company leaders

to implement a digital solution in their company with the SMI Digital Packages program, where the manager can select a package according to the company’s needs and implement its digital solution.

This program is ran in close collaboration with UX Innovation, with the General Directorate for Small and Middle-Sized Enterprises,and with the Ministry of Economy, which delivers a € 5,000 voucher to help implement the solution.

And in concrete terms?

In concrete terms, we accompany, raise awareness and help company leaders who want to know more about digitalization. For many, digitalization means increased visibility and therefore creating a website.

But it can also refer to the whole internal organization: following-up with customers, managing customer relationships, as well as relationships with suppliers, and everything e-commerce, meaning how to develop your business via an e-shop or on the international level. These are just a few examples.

In a nutshell

In short, if you’d like to get information or advice on digitalization, feel free to contact the House of Entrepreneurship and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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