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A simple and effective method for building your sales pitch

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Good salesmanship is a must when you are an entrepreneur. Without a minimum of salesmanship, it will be very difficult – if not impossible – for you to develop a sustainable business. At nyuko, we understand that this may scare you or that you may even feel hopeless. But rest assured, you are not alone in thinking that selling is a real challenge.

The good news? Selling is not just a question of interpersonal skills or innate “soft skills”. It can be learned! With the right methodologies and tools, you will be able to acquire the sales skills required to be an entrepreneur.

The SONCAS(E) method in theory

If this is the first time you've come across this acronym, then don't panic! SONCAS(E) is a French acronym that stands for Sécurité, Orgueil, Nouveauté, Confort, Argent, Sympathie et Éthique (Security, Vanity, Novelty, Comfort, Money, Likeability and Ethics).

The SONCAS(E) method will enable you to build your sales pitch using a single table. You will see that it is a very simple tool to use to build the foundation of your sales strategy – your sales pitch.

The table below will enable you to list all the advantages that your products and/or services bring to your customers.


First, note that each column refers to a specific aspect of your products and services:

  • their features: here you simply list the features of your products and services in a factual way. Let's take an example: you launch a coaching service for employees in transition and you offer evening coaching sessions to fit your clients' schedules. You can then simply note this feature: evening coaching hours. This exercise is more difficult than it sounds because you need to be as descriptive as possible. Don't try to write down the benefits of what you are selling just yet. We'll get to that!
  • the benefits they provide: you need to express the value your customers get from the features of your products and services. Let's go back to the example of coaching for employees in transition: the evening coaching hours bring flexibility to your clients. Here we have a benefit. It is part of your value proposition.
  • The evidence that proves these benefits: each benefit promised to your clients must be proven by tangible elements. Do your evening coaching hours offer flexibility? Prove it by inviting your prospect to book a personal audit session directly in your online calendar, with several evening slots available.

Then, on the left-hand side of the table, you will find the customer's buying motivations, classified according to the acronym SONCAS(E) for “Security, Vanity, Novelty, Comfort, Money, Likeability and Ethics”.

The last one is put in brackets because it is an increasingly important buying criterion but can sometimes be hard to justify depending on the product or service you are selling. If you are able to include this dimension in your sales pitch, great. If not, that's fine.

We have already mentioned the SONCAS(E) method in this article on the 4 Must-know techniques for your first sales meeting. Its importance in the sales process has been proven...

Each letter corresponds to a psychological motivation that drives a purchasing decision. You should detect them during your sales meetings so that you can adapt your speech to your customer:

  • Security: you need to reassure your customer with guarantees, feedback, reliability, certifications, etc.
  • Vanity: here you need to value your customer, to consider him/her as a valuable element. To do this, you can develop the uniqueness of your offer, its rarity, its quality, its high-end nature, your brand image, etc.
  • Novelty: innovation, the latest trends will appeal to a certain type of customer. You need to know them well enough to know which argument will work.
  • Comfort: your offer must be pragmatic; it must make life easier for your customer.
  • Money: your customer will inevitably be concerned about the price of your product or service, their own earnings and their return on investment.
  • Likeability: people who are sensitive to this factor will be interested in the relationship you have with them. For this type of psychological motivation, emphasise the following aspects: friendliness, sympathy, proximity.
  • (Ethics): your prospect's decision to buy will be motivated by the social and environmental benefits of your offer, by the transparency of the origin and/or production of your products, or by the particular deontology and ethics respected in the provision of your services.

The SONCAS(E) method in practice

Let's get down to business. For each buying motivation, list how your offer's features, benefits and evidence will meet your customers' expectations. To do this, put yourself in your customers' shoes! Here we have filled in a sales pitch table using the example of coaching for employees in transition. You can use it as a guide to understand how the SONCAS(E) method works, but of course adapt each cell to your own project!

SecurityCertified coachGuarantee of professionalismAbility to verify certification on your LinkedIn profile
VanityLimited number of clients followed at the same time- Exclusive
- Quality VS quantity
- Only 10 coaching slots per week available for booking
NoveltyIn addition to coaching, possibility to join a community of coachees with regular events- New content offered on a recurring basis
- Variety
- New contacts for your network
“Community” section of your website, reserved for coachees
ComfortEvening and weekend coaching hours- Flexibility
- Adaptability to the professional and personal situation of your clients
Evening and weekend booking slots available in your online schedule
Money- Instalment payments
- Subscription system
- Adaptation to the budget of your customers
- Allows you to avoid paying too much in one go
- Instalment payments offered on your website
Likeability- Long-term follow-up
- Access to your own network if needed
- Setting up a community
- Quality of the relationship VS quantity of clients
- More than just a “client”, real consideration of the person and what he or she will become
- Testimonials from coachees on your website
(Ethics)- Respect for a transparent and structured coaching ethic- A friendly but structured relationship that respects good practices- Presentation of your coaching method and values on your website
- Testimonials from coachees

This work is fundamental. Do you realise how much it will help you to gain perspective on your solution? It allows you to know its features in great detail, to think deeply about the benefits it provides and to be clear about how to justify them.

As a golden rule of selling, it all starts with knowing your products and services inside out. You need this to gain confidence in your discussions, to reassure your customers, to answer their objections without hesitation and, ultimately, to convince them more easily.

Finally, you will see that this sales pitch can be used beyond the sales meeting. Indeed, you can use the content created to feed your website, your LinkedIn page, a brochure, a pitch deck or a presentation of your activity.

If you would like us to help you with this exercise, contact the nyuko team!

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