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5 inspirational books about social entrepreneurship

Ever read a book that changed the way you see things? Certain books can impact our lives in a big way, especially when it comes to social entrepreneurship. Whether you’re already an entrepreneur or are preparing to take flight as a self-employed professional, here’s a selection of my favorite books on social entrepreneurship. Testimonials, advice, biographies… hopefully these reads will bring you inspiration and reinforce your dream to become an entrepreneur of change.


1. Building social business: the new kind of capitalism that serves humanity’s most pressing needs

I wouldn’t be able to start my list without mentioning Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus’ book “Banker to the Poor.” According to Yunus, social economy is the radical transformation of capitalism. He demonstrates how social business has become an inspiring practice embraced by major companies, entrepreneurs and activists throughout the world, and explains the necessity for public policies to adapt and make room for the social business model.

2. How to change the world: social entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas

A must read for anyone seeking to make a positive impact on society. The author profiles nine men and women whose personal projects to solve social problems were sponsored by Ashoka.


3. Le guide de l’entrepreneur social (The social entrepreneurs’ guide)

I discovered this one recently and can only recommend. It’s practical, informative and provides helpful tips for anyone wishing to set up their own social enterprise. Although it draws up an overview of the social entrepreneurship sector more specifically in France, you’re sure to find interesting information and inspiring testimonials from social business owners.

4. Entrepreneuriat social : Innover au service de l’intérêt général (Social entrepreneurship : innovating for the common good)

How to combine social mission and economic efficiency? One of the major issues from the social and solidarity economy tackled by the authors of this book, offering readers their own practices, experience and views.


5. Raconter l’entrepreneuriat social : de l’enseignement à la pratique (The story of the social entrepreneur: from teachings to practice)

And to wrap it up, a must to add to your reading list: testimonials from social entrepreneurs, advice and analyses by field experts and professors from the ESSEC's Social Entrepreneurship Paris Chair that will give you a new approach to business.

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