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Starting your own company to come out of unemployment

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Have you already considered creating your own job to come out of unemployment? If so, you’re definitely not alone!

However, even if starting up or taking over a business can be a door back into the work world, having access to information, training and support substantially increases an entrepreneur’s likelihood of success!

The fact is that entrepreneurship is both an exciting journey and a major challenge; it is not without risks and requires meticulous preparation.

Good news: in Luxemburg, a number of organizations and experts are at your disposal to provide guidance and help you achieve your business project. There are also measures and incentives available to support your project from the very outset.

Where to find information?

The main point of contact if you’re a jobseeker in Luxemburg and would like to obtain information about creating or taking over a business is the Agence pour le développement de l’emploi (ADEM). The easiest way is to contact your designated adviser directly. They’re the best placed to hear your question and concerns and orient you in the right direction with relevant information regarding your various options.


The Agence pour le développement de l’emploi (Agency for Employment Development) is the public employment service in Luxemburg. As a leading partner for jobseeker and employers, the ADEM provides free and personalized services. Find out more about the ADEM.

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How to obtain training and support?

So your designated adviser laid down your options and you’re feeling ready to take the plunge with your entrepreneurial project? In order to succeed, your new start will require thorough preparation and ample consideration of what you want to do and how best to make your dream a reality. Find someone to accompany you, validate and refine your idea/project, and be sure to get the proper training:


Start Your Business

Start Your Business is a free support program for prospective entrepreneurs. It is exclusively open to people who are registered with the ADEM and has two components: training and support/coaching. The aims of the project are as follows:

  • To identify entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • To promote entrepreneurship and business creation;
  • To reorient participants who decide not to pursue their project along the way.

If you’re interested, contact your designated adviser at the ADEM to sign you up for an awareness workshop, or contact the ADEM directly. After the workshop, interested candidates will be invited to a selection interview for official admission to the program. Multiple sessions, in French or English, are held throughout the year.


Nyuko a.s.b.l.

It may be that for reasons of time or progress of your project, you are unable to join the Start Your Business adventure. As a complement or alternative to the program, you can, just like any other future entrepreneur, ask us to benefit from nyuko's resources. To do so, apply via the online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


House of Entrepreneurship

The multidisciplinary staff of the House of Entrepreneurship is at your disposal to provide advice, assistance and support throughout the various stages of your quest toward business creation.

Through its “One-Stop Shop to Transfer” initiative, the House also offers advice in the area of business transfers. Also available is a specific multi-module training course for transferees, entitled “taking over a company“.


House of Training

Becoming a business manager cannot be improvised. In certain cases, you need to prove you have the necessary skills to g obtain your trade permit. Other times, you may simply want to sharpen your skills and knowledge or learn some new ones. Since 2015, the House of Training has been a benchmark organization for ongoing professional training in Luxemburg, with 750 training instructors on staff. Their course offerings respond to the needs of Luxemburg’s economy and aim, for one, to actively support business leaders in the process of creating, taking over and managing companies through training programs tailored to their specific needs. The full range of offers can be found here.

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What about compensation?  

Creating your own job is a major investment. It means devoting your time and energy, and often requires you to find the financial resources to get started.

That is why the Luxemburg legislator adopter an “exemption” system, allowing compensated jobseekers working toward starting up or taking over a business on the territory, to be exempt from the obligation to accept suitable work. This exemption is provided for in Article L.521-9 §5 of the Labour Code and is awarded for a maximum 6 month period. Several conditions must be met in order to be eligible: you can find the list here. Do note that should the activity, during the creation/take over period, generate profits exceeding the 10% salary franchise used to calculate unemployment compensations, the excess amount will be deducted from paid compensations and the jobseeker will be required to reimburse the amount in question.

To find out if you are eligible, please contact your designated adviser at the ADEM or send an email to

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