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Thibaut Ciccone

How to evaluate your entrepreneurial opportunity?

What's really important isn't having someone else tell you your idea is…

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Hinde Boulbayem

Validating the technical feasibility of your business idea

If your business project has a strong technical aspect, you need to…

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Pelagia Baxevani

Creating your ideal company with Ikigai

Purpose, or a "reason for being", is increasingly present in entrepreneurial endeavours…

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Alfonso Garcia Frey

The ideation phase

In this video, Alfonso Garcia Frey explains us the ideation phase :…

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Vincent Lyonnet

Turning an opportunity into a business

In this video, Vincent Lyonnet explains: How to identify the opportunity, Transform…

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Laurent Kratz


In this video about the entrepreneur and his/her project, Laurent Kratz shares…

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Stéphanie Damgé

Jonk Entrepreneuren

In this video, Stéphanie Damgé presents the vision and the service of…

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Pit Beck & Catherine Hoffmann

Gather the conditions to start

In this video about which conditions to gather before starting, Pit Beck…

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Elfy Pins

The daily life of an entrepreneur

In this video about the daily life of an entrepreneur, Elfy gives…

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Nicolas Fries

Five questions to ask before starting a business

This article's purpose is to encourage you to ask certain specific questions,…

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Manon Cravatte

9 tips for finding a business idea

If you've always been drawn to entrepreneurship but have never taken the…

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