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Your day-to-day as CEO?
My role is to ensure a vision, to have a company vision for Super Miro, to recruit top talents to do so, and to make sure there’s money in the register. That’s my role. As for my day-to-day, it involves carrying out those missions, but lots of other tasks add onto them. For instance, somewhat managing everything that goes on here. Because at first, I did all the tasks myself, at least in terms of business development etc. Now I have people with me who do a great job, but you still have to supervise and coordinate… There’s a lot of coordination, a few fires to put out, to deal with.

What is time-consuming for you?
Always having to check things. People are always asking me for things, even just little things or approvals, it really chops up my days, and that’s what’s hardest because you’re always juggling moving from one task to the next approve something, come back and get back on focus. That’s what’s complicated for tasks that require more energy and mind-power, so to say.

What is most complicated?
Two things: One, the rollercoasters because it’s talked about a lot but it really is the day-to-day of and entrepreneur! At least in my case. You think you’ve stabilized something, so you’re headed in the right direction, thinking about the next step then something comes up, you deal with it, so OK, one thing out of the way, you keep going, a fire breaks out so you need to fix that, put the fire out. That, to me, is really what’s hardest, there is no stability. Obviously, some things run smoothly along. But things you don’t expect happen all the time to deal with. The second hardest thing to manage is the separation between work-life and private life that is just plain nonexistent. Because you go home, but you keep thinking, you keep reflecting, you keep adding items to your to-do list… You never rest.

Your take on female management?
I personally haven’t noticed any pros or cons. But Forbes published a great article explaining that among startups, the healthiest businesses are run by women… So that’s quite flattering!