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Laure Omont

“SIS” accreditation (Social Impact Company) : Day-to-day

In this video, Laure Talavet-Omont talks about “SIS” accreditation day-to-day: Notoriety Advantages…

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Rebecca Maroko

The day-to-day of a cooperative

The operational management of a cooperative is different than other forms of…

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Adis Sabanovic

Business Permit Application: decryption

Leading up to a business launch, all entrepreneurs have to embark on…

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Pelagia Baxevani

9 Tips for Maximizing Your Impact

The social and environmental engagement of companies seems to be gaining ground,…

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Company bank accounts in 3 questions

1. When should it be opened? Before starting a company (SA or…

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Guillermo Ortega

Creating a company in Luxembourg

In this video, Guillermo Ortega talks about creating a company in Luxembourg…

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Stéphanie Jauquet

Coming up with a menu

In this video, Stéphanie Jauquet explains her way of proceeding to: Setting…

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Laurent Maillard

Doing the same job as an employee or a freelancer

In this video, Laurent Maillard talks about the same job as an…

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Marie-Sultana Langa

Bankruptcy: Part of the Adventure as an Entrepreneur

In the world of entrepreneurship, failure exists in a variety of shapes…

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Lucile Barberet

Video Meetings: 4 Keys to set yourself up for success

Remote meetings have become the new normal. The process seems straightforward at…

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Stéphanie Jauquet

Launch a company with an ecological aspect

In this video, Stéphanie Jauquet exposes us their point of view on…

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Guylaine Hanus

I’m starting a business: but where?

To begin… let's talk about location? When getting a business off the…

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