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Starting out as an SSE entrepreneur: initiatives you need to know in Luxembourg

So you’ve decided to take that idea that’s been running around in your head lately and pursue it as a social entrepreneurship project? The SSE sector has been booming in recent years. A range of different structures and initiatives are out there to guide you in your reflections and the whole entrepreneurial process. We’ve selected a few Luxembourg initiatives to help you out. Ready?

Getting support  

nyuko: this non-profit organisation supports you in your daily lives as young and future entrepreneurs by offering you pragmatic, innovative and flexible solutions for training, inspiration, tools and support. Its services are free, to aim only at your best interest.

Social Business Incubator (link in French): this incubator was created on the initiative of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy to support social entrepreneurs in Luxembourg. From the first idea to the creation of your social and societal impact project, they provide advice, training and made-to-measure support according to your needs.


Union Luxembourgeoise de l’Économie Sociale et Solidaire (ULESS): defend, promote, unite and represent companies in the SSE, these are ULESS’s key missions.

Keep up to date with news and mainly the developments within the SSE sector (legal, legislative framework, etc.) thanks to ULESS’s posts, a favoured partner for all public entities in Luxembourg.

Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS): it’s THE network in Luxembourg in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through their varied activities, they make innovative initiatives easier by mobilising all entities (private, public and associations). Take a look at the agenda on their website, you’ll probably find interesting events for yourself and your activity.


Staying up to date

Social and solidarity economy gateway: this gateway provided by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy enables you to access a great deal of information (key figures, how to find support, job vacancies, etc.) on social entrepreneurship in Luxembourg.

Infogreen (link in French): the best news website in terms of sustainable development. Keep informed about the latest trends and initiatives in Luxembourg thanks to their platform and deepen your knowledge with their magazine, 4x3, which analyses the news with the help of interviews and gatherings.

Neighbour Magazine: inspired by those taking action to make the world a better place, this quarterly magazine encourages a sustainable lifestyle and “slow living”. It presents local, ecological, civic and wellness initiatives in Luxembourg and the Greater Region via inspiring stories which will make you want to incorporate them into your own lifestyle.

Financing your project

Etika asbl (link in French): a great reference for social finance in Luxembourg. Through a collaboration with the State Bank and Savings Fund (BCEE), Etika provides alternative savings plans and promotes loan accessibility for initiatives which prioritise social and cultural utility, international solidarity or support ecology.

Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (link in French): this public establishment plays an important role when it comes to organising and financing philanthropy in Luxembourg. Any non-profit organisation, social impact company or foundation (SIC) working at a national level can ask them for financing for a determined project. This funding is limited in time and must fall under one of the following social impact categories: social, cultural, environmental, sports and health or remembrance.


Taking part in competitions & events

ING Solidarity Awards: ING Luxembourg organises this competition through their active policy in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in order to reward and support associations throughout Luxembourg. The competition is also open to social impact companies (SIC), so if you are one and you meet the eligibility requirements, you can take part and try to win an award.

Social Innovation Tournament: Are you developing a social innovation project? If so, this competition organised by the European Investment Bank could be of interest to you. 15 finalists are selected each year and compete for four prizes awarded by a jury of specialists from the academic and business worlds.

Arch Summit: did you know that this huge event in Luxembourg is designed for start-ups and has a category dedicated to social impact projects? It’s time to prepare your pitch for the next event!

World Summit Awards: an international competition which rewards the best social impact digital innovations. Get in touch with nyuko to find out more if your project has a digital aspect and fulfils a sustainable development goal as defined by the United Nations.

Stock up on concrete and flexible resources on entrepreneurship here.


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