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Sustainability in catering
There’s a move towards things that are more Eco-friendly. Offering glass glasses and stainless steel cutlery for people eating in, avoiding bags, even paper bags to carry a sandwich in it already has packaging. It’s about trying to promote customer awareness. We do sort thoroughly for our waste management. It seems crucially important. And even if we didn’t do things that way, that’s the one area we get penalized right away and criticized by customers.

A specific example?
For example, in our Cocottes stores we had vertical fridges that were open, and stayed open all day, for customers to serve themselves, self-serve. Someone commented to me that it wasn’t very Eco-friendly, that it was wasting energy and I thought that was a wise remark. So we looked for another system and found some fridges that are made in Italy with doors divided into 20cm sections that swivel open automatically when you approach the fridge so you can grab a product, then when you move away, they close again. That way, wasted energy is as low as possible. That’s what we decided on, even if they’re more expensive. All things considered… it’s more respectful of the environment.