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Touchpoints was established in 2016 during the European migrant crisis to address, to help newly arrived immigrants to Luxembourg set up their own businesses. There are already programs in place or being put in place at that time to help migrants find jobs, but there was nothing at that time that actually helped them use skills that they might have already had in their home countries as entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses in Luxembourg.

So at Sleeves Up, we propose four services. One is coaching: people come to us with questions about how to set up a business all the time and we help them set up their business. Another service we provide are workshops: it’s over one-week period. We give workshops every day for five days on how to create a business in Luxembourg. A third service that we provide is info sessions: we give two-hour lectures or presentations on how to create a business. It’s for people who just want a general idea about how to create a business in Luxembourg. And lastly, we have a program called “Business Meetups” where essentially we meet a new entrepreneur every time in a different location, usually there’s a nice lunch, and the entrepreneur speaks about their experience setting up their businesses. It’s an informal kind of convivial atmosphere where participants of our programs can pose any questions they like and discover from real entrepreneurs in Luxembourg what it’s like to do business, what it’s like to create a business in Luxembourg.

Entrepreneurs from Sleeves Up can expect to learn about how to set up a business in Luxembourg, to learn about the differences especially between setting up a business here as opposed to setting up a business in their home countries. So for that, we’re there to really guide
them through each step of the way.

If you’re a migrant entrepreneur in Luxembourg and you have a project, you would like to discuss the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, setting up that project, you come and see us. If you know people who are migrants and have an idea in mind for setting up a project, maybe also tell them to come see us. That’s what we’re there for: we’re really the go to destination for non Europeans in Luxembourg looking to set up their own businesses.