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A day’s organization?
I start with my desk work, a lot via email: I read my emails, reply to them… I get a lot of requests either for catering, for private soirees to plan, or looking for bands to play concerts at our musico-gastronomical evenings. I do all the organizing. I place some orders but not many, the mostly the kitchen staff who places orders. After that, between 12 and 2:30pmalmost always at the restaurant. I help out, I seat the customers and help with the service. Then in the afternoon, I’m back in the office. Sometimes I have an interview, like now… but otherwise… it’s desk work: paying invoices, getting everything ready for the fiduciary…

Is it a lot of work?
It’s very clear that I work a lot more! I work a lot more, already 6 days per week, because we’re open on Saturdays and I’m usually there. Not always, but usually. And I think it’s important for the owner or the manager to be there, at the restaurant. You work a lot of hours. I work again in the evening, I even work on Sundays on my day off, I do work in the evening.

Is it necessary?
I think that when you’re self-employed, when you have your own business, you work a lot of hours. I couldn’t say how many, but maybe somewhere around 50 hours/week.

What to pay attention to?
I like organizing things; I like welcoming customers… and I like when they’re satisfied leaving. Which happens a lot.