Guillermo Ortega

Sustainable fashion : part 1

In this video, Guillermo Ortega talks about sustainable fashion (part 1): Why…

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Vincent Lyonnet

Market approach

In this video, Vincent Lyonnet talks to us about different points: Where…

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Xavier Buck

Advice for entrepreneurs

In this video about advice for entrepreneurs, Xavier Buck shares his views…

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Diego De Biasio


In this video, Diego De Biasio tells us about Technoport: Why Technoport?…

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Xavier Buck

Starting a business in an innovative sector

In this video about business in innovative sector, Xavier Buck shares his…

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Manon Cravatte

9 tips for finding a business idea

If you’ve always been drawn to entrepreneurship but have never taken the…

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Laurence Hulin


In this video, Laurence Hulin presents the aim and the services of…

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