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The main challenges?
What matters to us in our production line is to use raw materials that come from the Greater Region. Our wheat is a local product, whether natural or organic. The manufacturing procedure must really be based on artisanal recipes. These recipes must be strictly respected, because our quality is very important for us. Making pastry takes time. Our methods provide time for the dough and the taste to develop. The quality of our products is fundamental to us.

Predicting and adjusting quantities
Every evening around 6pm we receive orders from Fischer bakeries or from other customers, so that our production department knows what to get ready for the next day. These orders from our Fischer bakeries work like this because we bake a lot of our products on the spot and thus we have to check what we need for the next day, in order to make sure to always have enough for the customers and always have a great variety of products to offer.

Quality or Quantity?
Our recipes are a very important part of our production procedures. There are some breads that we have been making for over 20 years, others we have recently developed. By using the right raw materials and by respecting the manufacturing recipes, we can guarantee a superior quality bread to our customers. We obviously produce more than ten loaves of bread, we make large quantities, but we apply the same procedures as other bakers, and that’s how we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Constraints in the food industry?
When working in the food industry, the biggest challenge is hygiene standards. It is very important and they are becoming more and more stringent. Respecting the hygiene standards can help you ensure that the customer receives the best products, but this also means that you have to invest a lot in both the stores and your production line.