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The importance of holding several diversified experiences ?
It was very important to start this way in the business, to really learn step by step. I worked as a saleswoman for a while in the stores, to understand what it means to be in front of the customer and to get to know our products. I also had the chance to go to Paris for 6 months,  to train in bakery and pastry-making at Lenôtre, to better understand how to make bread, what works well or less well, the taste… It was a huge chance.

A business with history: pros and cons
Having the chance to be CEO of a company like Fischer is great… I am very proud of it, very proud of the whole history. We have to live up to this history, we have the challenge of being at least as good as the previous generation. It is a challenge, but it is also a great joy to be able to lead the company and take it towards its next steps, alongside people who have been working there for a very long time.

To be accepted by the employees
When you start young in a family business, you are not necessarily… I’m not a professional baker: I studied economics and diplomacy. It was thus very important for me to start with the full support of my teams and to learn the know-how that they have acquired for years from them. It was crucial that they share their knowledge with me so that I could grow in my function. In this sense, I had few problems. I had the impression that I was well accepted from the beginning. I was also fortunate to have very kind and very competent teams who taught me well and with great pleasure. That’s why it was not difficult for me to join the family business and eventually become CEO.

Working with family

The big advantage of a family business is working with family. It’s really great if you have the chance of getting along well, because trust is intrinsic; this is the case for us, with my two cousins and with my brother. We trust each other, we know each other, we have the same values and the same vision for the company’s future. This is a huge asset that allows us to be decisive when dealing with suppliers or customers. We have been around for a long time. We do what we say. It’s a huge advantage. The downside of working with your family is inherent to any family interaction… feelings are at stake, some things are more emotional and less rational. It can sometimes complicate things a little bit.