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How to stand out?
You have to know your products by heart and not be shy to show how they stand apart from other products on the market. I’m not talking about belittling, just stating differences. This is very important, and it’s where you need to really know your product, you need to be able… to explain how you bring something extra or different in response to a need. Our business model aims to attract as many clients as possible so prospects can put in a request for a lead and then, we look into their need. It’s a standard approach, but it’s extremely important especially in remote sales.

Tackling different geographical markets
First, you need to get a feel for the given market. Ideally, visit the country to understand the uses, the codes, their consumption habits, what criteria is important to the end buyer, that may be different. As a frame of reference, we can see this even between France and Germany. We have clients in France and in Germany it’s not at all the same points that can be triggers, even if the end product is always a building. Beyond that, thanks to the channels… thanks to the web, you have the possibility in just a few clicks, and especially in digital campaigns, to start working toward the sale of products to other countries, in different language contexts. It’s about opening up to others, understanding them, getting out on the field as much as you can. And applying your field experience within a digital environment. I would say that’s an important point.

Does it work every time?
You’ll never be 100% within your target, you might generate leads, but maybe they won’t be relevant. You’ll make mistakes about how to promote to your product. You will make mistakes. If at the first mistake you jump to hasty conclusions that the market isn’t responsive, etc. Focus on Step 1 – My product or service delivers something extra. However, did I have the right market approach? Can I try it differently? For me, if you fail tackling a new market, it’s not a failure, it’s a test that’s not… not relevant, that didn’t lead to anything. But maybe you’ll try ten or fifteen, and if one or two of them work, that’s where you need to dig in.