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How to get your name out there?
At the start, I relied a lot on word of mouth and once again, I think it’s the value the brand offers that does the job itself. The stronger your brand, the more people talk about it and the more it generates things. I would say the second channel, at least during our launch, was the press: press releases, talking with the press… And every time they wrote about us, we responded, we thanked them every time, always some illustration.

And growing your community?
I think that to grow your community, you need a spirit and you need to create content. So, you need real added value and you have to create content that interests people about your brand your product or services, whatever it is you do.

A favorite acquisition channel?
It depends on trends because when we launched it was Facebook hands down, which has since lost a lot of steam, I find. We’re now seeing people much more engaged on Instagram, much more loyal, following more closely, more passionate. So, I think it depends on the period and the kind of message you’re sending: for example, when articles come out about the team, or when we’ve… published something nice in the press, LinkedIn actually works very well too. Do it depends on your needs, on the time period, as well as trends on a longer term.