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Which steps?
We did not have significant financial means, so we used social media and events, which worked very well. I think that today, with social networks, we reach a very large audience. You need to always connect these two aspects, so that people can also live the product, taste it. And they buy it later when they see it on supermarket shelves. It’s about always creating a mix between social networks and live events. This is how we proceeded.

What to focus on?
To publicize FOXDRINKS to the public, we decided to go through social networks. This is how we capture the most attention, and it is at the same time the most economical version to establish the notoriety of a start-up or a new product.

How to manage logistics?
At first, we naturally tried everything to organize all deliveries ourselves, etc., but it was obviously not possible, especially to make deliveries to different supermarkets. So we had to look for other partners, who could basically take care of all the logistics for us. We are happy to have found a large warehouse, from which our partners come to get the beer to deliver it to different supermarkets, cafes, and of course, to private persons.

With supermarkets?
Some supermarkets were immediately excited about the concept and the product and integrated us into their references. Others were more skeptical at first and were harder to convince. But once the demand was there, once people inquired about our product in supermarkets, they could not ignore this fact. They have therefore included us in their references a little later.

Who were the first customers?
At first, we thought that our primary clientele would only be athletes and people on a strict diet, but we quickly noticed that basically everyone could be a customer because everyone pays more attention to what he / she consumes, everyone tries to eat less sugar and fewer calories. At first, we also forgot to take into account the group of people with diabetes, because their number is also constantly growing, and it represents a large part of our clientele.